Centre for Cognitive Development & Educational Innovations

The time of education should be the time of peak performance. The proper use of it leads a person to overall development, improved potential, right attitude and behavioral patterns,vision,mission etc. A suitable atmosphere can sharpen the overall development of a student.Unfortunately,lack of proper guidance, pattern of education and professional approach make the process of  development of a person impossible. ANWAVE assures 100% professional support for a child’s total development through continuous training and practices.

Our People

An ethos doesn’t mean much if there aren’t people on board making it come alive. We have an outstanding group of individuals who make up the whole of Anwave, who ‘live’ our values and who represent what we do at the highest level.

The Trainers

We have an eclectic and unusual group of facilitators who are part of the Anwave team, no grey people for us - multi-talented, quick-thinking, humorous, reliable and scrupulous. They create and deliver our work, and the breadth and depth of their skills, talent and experience is exceptional. 

We have very clear criteria for people who want to train with us to become Partners, but the most important is how they ‘wear’ their life experience. Firstly, they have to have some: everyone who works with us has had a variety of careers, is actively involved in their own on-going personal development and shares qualities of integrity, generosity and an ability to have fun. 

Secondly, they have to have high professional standards in everything they do with us; our aim is always to do the ‘above and beyond’ rather than the ‘good enough’. All trainers undergo an
Intensive and on-going internal training programme at Anwave. 

Each and every one is capable of creating innovative programmes, running them with style and panache and creating powerful relationships with our clients and delegates. 


We award every student who attends an Anwave course a Certificate of Achievement. 

From bud to flowers


    Kittens (2 std to 4 std)


    Cubs  ( 5 std -7 std)


    Lions ( 8 std -12 std)


Design credits : by creative labs of i-nimate