Centre for Cognitive Development & Educational Innovations

 ANWAVE assures an overall development of your institution and international standard of your service. ACME has entirely been designed through continuous experiments and researches by the professionals of different areas.

Our Work

Here are a few things to know about Anwave workshops:
Our intention with every workshop is to keep participants:

A w a k e

E n g a g e d

S t i m u l a t e d

Our work is ‘experiential’, so students are on their feet doing
They aren’t sit and take notes events
We are as far from chalk ‘n’ talk as you can get
We work with energy, passion and empathy

Anwave's approach is a holistic one. We do not work in a linear fashion because we know that students don’t develop soft skills in a linear fashion.

We only ever focus on what already works about each person and use those strengths to help delegates feel more skilled, to teach new techniques and to give them additional understanding and insight into how things work between people.

The objectives always stay the same, and the core material remains the same. How those objectives are achieved may be slightly different. This means that everyone participating in our
Programmes has a direct input into the work, which ensures a far
Greater ‘ownership’ of the material than if it was imposed on them.

Anything to do with interpersonal skills, we can deliver.


    Kittens (2 std to 4 std)


    Cubs  ( 5 std -7 std)


    Lions ( 8 std -12 std)


We award every student who attends an Anwave course a Certificate of Achievement. 


Design credits : by creative labs of i-nimate